Interview: Joshua Ingram

Interview: Joshua Ingram

How does your cultural background influence your daily life and decision-making?

My parents taught me to work hard and with integrity. I still take that into account every day when I’m making plans and dealing with people.

What does wellness mean to you, and how do you prioritize it in your daily life?

Wellness is important and has a great many factors that contribute to it. Rest, nutrition, relaxation, and exercise all contribute to wellness. I try to keep a schedule that lets me perform well in each of those categories. When I have to make adjustments, first my rest and relaxation take a hit. When I have to work harder to catch up to my goals, it’s important to realize that when I have to give up some rest, I fuel myself accordingly. When I have to give up some relaxation, I make sure to schedule good workouts to help deal with the stress.

Are there specific wellness rituals or practices that you swear by for maintaining balance and harmony?

Daily workouts, routine diet, and a bedtime and wake up time. Having a routine is crucial and since we live in a 24 hour a day world, it’s important to take this seriously. Society doesn’t protect the 8 hour work day or the 5 day work week the way they used to. It’s now important that each person work a wellness routine into their life. No one else can do it for them.

Describe your relationship with food. Are you a foodie, a health enthusiast, or a bit of both?

I am very attracted to chips and dip, so I have to keep that under control. I know food is fuel, that I can’t live without it, and that if I put the right food in me I’ll achieve the results I want. I believe in the consumption of calories and the burning of calories through exercise. I have a regular breakfast, lunch, and dinner that I eat almost daily and a regular 5 day workout routine that I try to keep weekly. Having a schedule like that helps the random events fall into place better.

Do you have a favorite cuisine or dish that holds a special place in your heart?

A center cut filet mignon is about the best thing I can ask for. If you sear it on the outside and make sure it’s still cool in the center, it’ll just melt in your mouth. Grill some asparagus and broccoli or carrots and you’ve got yourself a feast. I’m a huge fan of steak but I can get behind most protein. I really love eating red fish or speckled trout; especially if I’m the one who caught them.

Are you a sports enthusiast, and if so, which sports do you follow or participate in?

I have been a fan of the Texas Rangers for 45 years and I just watched them win their first ever World Series. Baseball is my sport. I’ll play it, talk about it, watch it, whatever.

Do you have a favorite sports team or athlete that you passionately support?

The Texas Rangers, without question.

What’s your all-time favorite movie, and what about it resonates with you?
Tombstone. I love the old West and the heroes and villains. It was a time in my country’s history when there was a little more gray in determining right and wrong and I enjoy thinking of those moral struggles. This particular movie was based on historical events, cast very well, and written with the full flare of Hollywood.

Do you have a preferred movie genre, or do you enjoy exploring a variety of genres?

I like movies from all genres.

Can you recall a film that has had a significant influence on your perspective or outlook on life?

I like the film Dogma. It allowed me to ask some questions I had never asked before.

What is your favorite album of all time?

Too difficult, but I can say “Moving Pictures” is one of my all-time favorites that comes to mind. Some great songs on that one. I can listen to it beginning to end.-

Tell us about your latest project

I am planning to release 12 songs in 2024 at a rate of one per month. It’s a tall order but I think I’m up for it.