Jon Mullane Unveils Soul-Stirring Single « Walking Away »– A Powerful Anthem on Overcoming Life’s Struggles

Jon Mullane Unveils Soul-Stirring Single « Walking Away »– A Powerful Anthem on Overcoming Life’s Struggles

Chart-topping Billboard artist and international award-winning singer-songwriter Jon Mullane is set to captivate audiences once again with the release of his latest single, « Walking Away. » The soul-stirring track, co-written with renowned songwriter and producer Michael Jay, offers a poignant exploration of the relentless grip of addiction to destructive forces in life.

The collaboration between Mullane and Jay began at a chance meeting during a Grammy party in North Hollywood, shortly after Mullane’s relocation from Canada to the entertainment capital. Seizing the opportunity, Mullane proposed a songwriting partnership to Jay, who enthusiastically accepted. Mullane had a musical vision and title in mind – « Walking Away » – a theme that resonated with both artists.

The song delves into the universal struggle of breaking free from harmful influences, whether it be addiction to substances, toxic relationships, or the burdens of a stressful career. The ambiguous yet relatable message of « Walking Away » invites listeners to interpret their own battles with adversity through the powerful lens of Mullane’s emotive lyrics and Jay’s masterful composition.

« I met hit songwriter Michael Jay at a Grammy party in North Hollywood soon after I moved there from Canada, and we struck up a friendly conversation. I asked him if he’d like to co-write some songs, and much to my delight and surprise, he said yes! I already had a music track and a title in mind for the collaboration ‘Walking Away,’ which he liked. We discussed the songs’ meaning and message, and both agreed it would convey the powerful pull of addiction to something that is not good/harmful in life but is so hard to walk away from, » Mullane shared.

Michael Jay, recognized for his contributions to chart-topping albums by artists such as Celine Dion and Kylie Minogue, penned the lyrics in just a few days after their initial meeting. The synergy between Mullane’s musical prowess and Jay’s lyrical finesse culminated in the creation of « Walking Away, » a track that seamlessly blends country and roots rock influences.

Although the journey from the initial collaboration in Los Angeles to the full recording and production took five years – including Mullane’s return to Canada and the culmination of his latest EP, « California » – the wait has proven to be well worth it. « Walking Away » stands as a testament to Mullane’s dedication to delivering authentic, emotionally charged music to his fans.

« Walking Away, » with its compelling narrative and country-infused roots rock vibe, is a standout addition to Jon Mullane’s impressive discography. As a top 40 Billboard charting artist, Mullane continues to solidify his position as a dynamic force in the music industry. Originally hailing from Halifax, NS, Mullane now calls Mahone Bay, NS, home after years of traversing the United States and showcasing his musical talents.

« Walking Away » is now available on all major streaming platforms, and fans can anticipate an accompanying music video to enhance the visual experience of this evocative track.